Our shares

Good Energy Group ordinary shares are listed on the London AIM Market and the NEX Exchange.

Buying Good Energy shares
To buy Good Energy shares, you will need to instruct an authorised broker or your bank. Hargreaves Lansdown is familiar with the trading of Good Energy shares and will be able to help you.

Dealings in the Company’s Ordinary Shares of 5 pence each commenced at 8 a.m. on 30th July 2012, under the ticker symbol “GOOD”. 

The registrars maintain all details for shareholders. If you have a query about your shareholding, please contact Computershare via email on investorcentre.co.uk/contactus or 0370 707 1154 and quote Good Energy Group.

The intention of the Good Energy Group website is not to stimulate any investment in Good Energy Group PLC. The contents of the website are not to be considered as a Prospectus. The purpose of this site is to explain what Good Energy Group is and what it does. The Directors are not making any recommendation as to whether you should or should not buy shares in the Company.