Our history

Good Energy was founded in response to climate change, to transform the UK energy market. Its founder, Juliet Davenport, studied atmospheric physics at Oxford University and understood the impact of greenhouse gases on climate systems. Juliet went on to do a Masters’ Degree in economics and worked in the European parliament and European Commission on carbon and energy related policies.

Recognising that climate change was principally an energy problem – burning fossil fuels to generate energy accounts for 74% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions - her experience taught her that it was going to be very difficult to change the energy industry from the outside. A chance meeting in 1997 with a German entrepreneur at an EU Energy conference in Greece led to Juliet being asked to set up the UK arm of a pan-European company to develop the demand and supply of renewable energy across Europe; taking advantage of the recent liberalisation of the UK markets.

The idea was to empower individuals to make a difference to climate change by choosing to switch to a renewable electricity supply, and drive forward change in the energy market and grow the amount of renewables in the UK.

Owned by its customers

Changing priorities for European investors led to a management buyout in 2002 and a new name for the company, which became Monkton Group PLC in 2003, and later Good Energy Group PLC. As CEO, Juliet led the company’s first share offering to its customers, over 500 of whom took up the opportunity to share ownership of the business. The proceeds of this first share offer were used to buy the UK’s first commercial wind farm in Delabole, Cornwall, and expand the business. Two further share offers followed in 2004 and 2007, and the Group now has around 1,700 shareholders - over 80% of whom are also its customers.

Good Energy is about so much more than just being an energy supplier: we campaign, collaborate and innovate.

Juliet Davenport, Founder and CEO

Innovation in the industry

Good Energy has a strong track record of innovation in the energy industry. Some key highlights are:

2004 – Award-winning HomeGen scheme launched, a precursor to the government Feed-in Tariff

– Award-winning HotROCs scheme launched – the UK’s first renewable heat incentive

– Good Energy Academy launched to develop best levels of customer service.  We won the Which? Award for Best Energy Company in 2010 & 2012

– Plan to add 50MW new onshore wind capacity launched with £11.8 million repower of Delabole wind farm, focusing on innovation and community generation

– Market-leading Feed-in Tariff administration business developed